About Munduk Village

Munduk Village is a Green village or a small mountain village, located between 500 to 1200 meters above sea level and with average temperatures of 20 to 25°C. With a population of 6,200 people, the village of Munduk Village has a rich history. Legend tells that it was settled by people from the mountains who were escaping an invasion of ants. Several clans then moved from Klungkung to resettle in Munduk Village 200 to 300 years ago. This was the portal through which the vizier of the Majapahit Kingdom in East Java penetrated to South Bali. And also Munduk has 3 wonderfull waterfall that you should visit when you come to Bali.

Munduk Village are famous for beautiful scenery and a variety of fascinating walks and treks. Munduk is surrounded by tropical rainforest, rice terraces and farms producing traditional commodities. Visitors are welcome to explore this delightful microcosm of traditional Bali.

History repeated itself when the Dutch expanded their colonial empire from Java to Bali. They too reached South Bali through the Village of Munduk, and subsequently used it as a mountain retreat from the administrative capital of Singaraja. The first guest house for Dutch officers was opened at Munduk in 1908. The Dutch brought colonial architecture to Munduk Village, along with traditional export commodities such as coffee, cocoa, cloves and vanilla.

Private Tour
You can hire a private driver to take you to Munduk, either booking via your hotel or direct through a tour operator. Most of the local taxi services have either SUVs or mini-vans that can be hired with a driver. From the east or south of Bali, the price to Munduk should be around Rp 550,000.

For travellers on a budget, it’s a beautiful experience to drive to Munduk by motorbike, passing countless rice paddies, the two big lakes and many jungle vistas.

If you’re travelling from the south, once you’ve passed Lake Buyan and a couple of hairpin bends laden with monkeys, take the road on the left to Munduk. The route is straightforward from there – just follow the same road all the way. You’ll be rewarded with jaw-dropping views at practically every turn and a good selection of hillside warungs where you can stop for a coffee or to take some pictures.

Get Around
Once in Munduk village, it’s relatively easy to walk to the waterfalls and local plantations. By trekking you’ll come across small hillside villages and catch a glimpse of what it’s like to live here through the local people’s activities.

Circular treks to the waterfalls often involve doing some of the walk on the road, so just be careful of traffic on the hairpin bends. It’s possible to hire a motorbike in Munduk if you want to shorten your trek. Prices should be around Rp 50-60,000.

If you’re travelling by private car or motorbike, Munduk is close enough for day trips to Bedugul, Lovina and Pemuteran, although you’ll probably want to spend more time in the latter.


  • Munduk Waterfall, Jalan Raya Munduk. A famous waterfall in central Bali because of its height and cooling air. It’s a relatively short trek, which starts from the road between Pancasari and Munduk. There are ways of making this a circular route by walking through the hillside villages, but you’ll need a map. Rp 15,000 per person.
  • Bolangan Waterfall, Desa Kayuputih, Bolangan (Located at Kayuputih village). This waterfall is much quieter as most tourists visit Munduk Waterfall instead. Relatively easy to reach with a map. Tour guides are available with treks starting in the mornings. Free.
  • Munduk rice terraces, Jalan Raya Munduk. A visit to the rice paddies offers stunning views of the luscious, green landscape. Traditional tools are still used in this area for planting and harvesting.
  • Stone sarcophagus, Pura Duur, Kayuputih village. A relic of a 19th Century stone sarcophagus, in six pieces.
  • Banyan tree in Gesing, Pohon Beringin, Desa Gesing. (10km from Munduk). Over 500 years old, this large banyan tree was once used as a hideout for soldiers during the war with Holland. Free.

Do Activities

  • Self-guided treks. You can do self-guided treks around Munduk, although a good map is advisable. If you prefer to trek with a guide, you should be able to arrange this through your guest house.
  • Munduk Trekking, Jalan Raya Munduk, There is company runs treks to the waterfalls, and also to the rice paddies where you can see local farming activities including how to plant rice.
  • Munduk Cycling, Jalan Raya Kayuputih. Runs bike tours around the villages of Munduk and Kayuputih, and also to see the big banyan tree.
  • Cooking classes, Jalan Raya Kayuputih. Learn how to cook Balinese food using traditional tools and with lots of herbs and spices.
  • Banjar Hot Springs, Jalan Raya Banjar (A 30-minute-drive from Munduk. Drive towards Temukus and you’ll see the signs pointing the way.). There are three pools available for bathing in the 38ºC sulfur water.

Food and drink supplies and any of the prevailing tourist clothes and trinkets can be bought from the shops in Munduk itself.

Today ATM available near munduk,located in banyuatis village,just 5 minute drive to west munduk, BCA and BRI Bank available here.

  • Pasar Banyuatis (Market Banyuatis), main road in Banyuatis. A traditional market selling meat, vegetables, fish, herbs and local delicacies. It’s the central market for the three villages in the area: Kayuputih, Banyuatis and Munduk.

Eat & Drink

  • Bali Panorama, Munduk village. 9am-5pm. Delicious local dishes and fruit juices. Everything is fresh and organic, picked from the highlands in Pancasari.
  • Karangsari Guesthouse & Restaurant (Karangsari), main road in Munduk village. Delicious Balinese dishes with a great sunset view. Highly recommended.
  • Ngiring Ngewedang, main road, approx. 2km outside of Munduk village (from Wanagiri take the main road towards Munduk; the restaurant is located another 1km west on the same road after Lake Tamblingan). Very good value Indonesian food in a restaurant with views to die for. They also process local coffee beans here and will be happy to show you around. Green and freshly roasted beans are for sale. An excellent option for lunch if you want to get away from the crowds in Bedugul. Highly recommended.

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